Safety in Egypt: tourists can be safe?

On 24 of november there was been a terrible attack in Egypt. In the mosque of Rawda in Bir al Abed, Governorate of Northern Sinai, are died more than 300 person. It was been the worst attack that egyptian history can remember. We want ask to all people that is planning to come in Egypt to don’t be scared and take one minute to look the map that we attacked. The area where this horrible attack is happened is far from any touristic location: the egyptian authorities care about safety of tourists more than in any other country. Cities like Hurghada, Marsa Alam or Sharm El Sheik are so far from this Governatorate and people can live his vacation without any problem. Also the capital, Cairo, can be one tour for all tourists that want discover his wonders. We want that foreigns can feel totally safe in our country, we will never play about something so important. Egypt is safe and we ask to the people that already made a trip in our country to tell their experience. Fear can’t win.

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