Hurghada Tips for city and tours

Hurghada Tips

Map out your tour

You should plan your tour at least three months in advance. it will give you time to read all what Hurghada offers, from tours and activities to compare between all offer. check the different prices for same trips name as always the itinerary is different.

Traveling in the city

Hurghada are absolutely safe, even when you are out late into the night. You can easily walk a lot and use public transport but must make deal first about the price before you go special if you are going to use taxi . All what you need to carry a good map or guide-book with you. Also carry your hotel address and phone number, it is a very good idea to ask your hotel staff to write down both these details for you, in Arabic, pick up a local SIM card for your mobile as soon as you reach Egypt it will cost around (10 euro) with internet package … helps to make calls to hotel or your guide.

Tip people around you as soon as you arrive

Tipping is expected. Usually in different country you tip after you get the services. but in Hurghada this is wrong. give them good tip before they start do something for you. then later give them small amount daily. and be sure they will look after you for the duration of your stay in the hotel or your day trips.

What to do on Hurghada evening

There are several activities could be done in Hurghada by night

  • Go for Sound and light show in Alf  lila wa Lila hotel.
  • Pickup a Taxi or rent a car and go for Senzo Mall.
  • Go for Sheraton Street and see local and discover many restaurant or shops.
  • Discover the NEW MARINA will with night life and bar.

Money and carry cash

You can carry very little cash. You can use Visa, Master & Maestro cards without any problems. Dollars/ Euros / Pounds all are accept in every where in Hurghada keep these currencies as an emergency, to use when ATMs are not working. Inform your bank that you are traveling to Hurghada and will be using your debit or credit cards. Carry at least 2 cards belonging to different banks as sometimes, there are transaction errors. take care every time when you give 100LE and take change 50Le there is (half an LE)which can be mistaken for 50 LE.

Food and drinks in Hurghada

Do not drink water from anywhere. always get a close bottled water. Do not eat raw food, be careful where you eat salads or drink fresh juice. When you buy any food oriental or sea food the average of the price for full meal by 10 – 15 euro per person can  be less in the center Sakkala or Dahar area if you can’t find that you can ask your guide to buy something for you or hotel staff then tip them. Being vegetarian in Hurghada must inform before you start your holiday.

when you be in Hurghada take as many day trips as you can

There is so much to see and do in Hurghada or around Hurghada. so squeeze in as many day trips as you can. A day trip to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, a scuba diving and a trip to Giftun Island. later you will wish we’d booked more really. it is not expansive if you choice good palace to go with.

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